How to Control Fleas So Your Dog Is Happy

Fleas are a botheration if you accept dogs. But does that consistently accept to be the case? Do dogs and fleas consistently accept to be together? Is it accessible to accept a happy, advantageous dog that doesn’t accept to action with fleas? The acknowledgment is yes, but the data of fleas accept to be accepted first.

Fleas are parasites. They adopt animals over bodies but will get a claret meal wherever they can acquisition it. Birds, cows, even reptiles can be the next meal for these abominable claret suckers.

Unlike abounding pests, fleas in actuality do bite. (Mosquitoes and bed bugs in actuality admit a assimilation tube.) And all activity cycles of these monsters requires blood. The adults will chaw a host application assorted aperture locations – one bites and two others clasp claret into the gut of the flea. They abolition out some saliva which prevents the host claret from coagulating. And they consistently yield way added claret than they need.

The host will get an allergic acknowledgment to the flea saliva, not the absolute bite. And the acumen they yield added claret is so they can account it out bound for the larva to augment on. Think about that for a minute, not alone are these abject pests claret suckers but their adolescent augment on their poop!

A actual important actuality abounding don’t apprehend is that these parasites don’t necessarily reside on their host. They jump on your dog and get some aliment again bead off to lay eggs. The eggs can lay abeyant for months cat-and-mouse on the appropriate temperature, clamminess and adjacency of their host to hatch. If your dog has a adumbral atom beneath the balustrade that is the admired comatose spot, you can bet aggregate on the actuality that the atom is abounding with all annoyance ancestors – eggs, larva and adults.

Must your pets and these pests coexist? Absolutely not. Fido can calmly accept a flea-free actuality now that you apperceive about how fleas work.

To rid your apple of fleas, locate the comatose spots and amusement them. Use a safe, accustomed annoyance ascendancy artefact that will yield affliction of all ancestors in the activity aeon of fleas but is controllable to your dog. Amusement the breadth thoroughly every day for 3 days, again bead aback to every added day a few times. Within a week, you’ll accept controlled the fleas in that area.

During this aforementioned treatment, you accept to yield affliction of the dog too. Bathe your doggie in a safe, accustomed artefact that will access the fur and annihilate developed fleas as able-bodied as the larva and eggs. Amusement all calm nap areas as well.

Within one week, no added fleas!